PPC Evaluation

..Infuzy is chock full of a bunch of great (and knowledgeable) guys ! Did I mention they know how to sell?

For that reason I’ve taken time out of my schedule next week (Tuesday November 16) to get on 30 minute PPC Consulting calls with Infuzy clients.

In these calls we will discuss specifically:

  • How to best customize PPC to your company’s offering
  • Your landing pages
  • Your current Account (if applicable-You do NOT have to be on Adwords to take advantage of this offer)
  • Writing better Ads
  • 3 tips that will improve your PPC Return on Investment…TOMORROW!

You’ll get all this valuable info and more…

When you sign up for the Free PPC Evaluation, you’ll be immediately contacted to schedule a time and date for the call. Find out why Jordan Hall hasn’t had a free minute in 2 Months!

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