Yes! I’m A Google AdWords Certified Professional

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One year ago today, I set a goal to become an AdWords Certified Professional as part of a Digital Marketing class at Arizona State University. As the school year trekked on (and grew very busy) this seemingly-simple goal kept finding its way at the bottom of my to-do-list. However, my desire to pass the certification exams grew stronger and stronger. When I finished my final, and most rewarding, year of college I still hadn’t taken the AdWords Certification Exams (nor did I even really know what it consisted of). Now, after I landed a remarkable internship here at Site Traffic Control, I am finally an AdWords Certified Professional! And I must say, it was actually quite a simple process.

As I entered the AdWords Certification process, I felt very comfortable since I had a decent amount of hands-on experience between my internship and school. For anyone considering taking the exams, I recommend doing the same. With proper preparation of the AdWords exam material, the route to becoming certified is relatively straightforward. About 2 years ago, Google actually charged you to take their exams. Luckily for me (and you), it is now free! If you want to be certified, all you have to do is follow these 5 steps:

  1. Study for the exams. Google has an online study guide here:
  2. Setup your Google Partners account (free and painless) at
  3. Click “AdWords” under “Certifications” on the left side of the screen
  4. Click Exam Details.
  5. Click Take Exam.

Note: You must take at least two exams to receive your certification. Fundamentals is mandatory. If you fail, you must wait a week to retry the exam.

Here are the exams I took:

In my personal experience, the exams weren’t extremely strenuous but there were certainly questions in each exam that caught me off guard. Fundamentals focuses on all of the basics – and when I say all, I really mean ALL. I didn’t expect to come across questions covering API, developer tokens, suggested video formats, and other (what I thought to be) advanced material. Following the Fundamentals exam, you are required to take one of the advanced exams: Search, Display, Video, Shopping or Mobile. I felt “Search” was the most valuable to master so without hesitation, I took the Search exam. To my pleasant surprise, the second exam seemed to be just as easy-going as the Fundamentals exam. The biggest difference I noticed was more extensive, problem-solving questions.

Each exam has roughly a 2-hour time limit. Once you take two exams and receive a score of 80% or better, you will have your certification. You can access it by navigating to “My Profile” and clicking on the “AdWords Certified” link under your profile picture. Here’s my certification:


Trent Vande Krol AdWords Certification

Time to show off! Print hundreds of copies of your certification so everyone is aware of how awesome you are. Or you can just share a link to your online profile with your certification. Keep in mind, you must set your profile to public if you want others to see it.

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