Why dance the Infusionsoft 2 Step? (Part 1)

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It’s always a lively discussion among clients when we start to discuss driving traffic to a Lead Generation landing page. How much customer information do we look to collect? The Marketing side of the argument always tends to err on the side of collecting less information, thereby driving up conversion rate. The Sales side usually wants more customer information, which allows a good salesperson to further qualify a prospect and arms them with more data going into a call or follow-up email. It’s an ongoing battle, and fortunately it’s one that can be solved.

Marketers and Salespeople both getting what they want. Cats and Dogs living together. Unlikely but true.

The magic of Infusionsoft webforms allows us to divide the information gathering process into 2 steps.

So why would you do that?

First you can take a potentially lengthy webform and make it appear less daunting. We can effectively collect only the most basic information required for follow-up on step 1 (perhaps solely an email address), and pass that information onto the next step where we start collecting the juicy details that allow marketers to really segment a list. It also prepares them with all the info they need to have a super sales call.

The other important use of a two step web form lies in the ability to drive a prospect to the next step in your marketing process. There’s no better time to drive someone to the next step than right when they’ve taken action on some of your marketing collateral. It could be as simple as driving someone from a Free Report to a 1 on 1 consultation (click to view).

Step 1 Page

Step 2 Page

While you shouldn’t expect everyone to take action right away, at the very least it plants the seed for what the next step looks like. As long as you remain consistent in your follow-up emails, prospects will be more likely to take action sooner because they’ve already mentally prepared themselves that this is the next part of the process.

How is it done? It’s really not that complex at all, especially with all the improvements that have been made in Infusionsoft’s webform builder. In part 2 we’ll go into detail on how to correctly implement a 2 step webform. Stay tuned!

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