Use a website testing tool that you can actually use

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An impressive number of my clients firmly realize the benefits of testing in Internet Marketing. It’s a concept that makes a ton of sense. Why market to prospects based upon hunches? There are very few elements of doing business online that can’t be tested and analyzed which is great in theory.

Unfortunately it’s harder in practice.

The primary reason is that’s it’s not easy to do with free tools unless you have at level of comfort with coding. Simply stated, it’s hard to test changes on your website unless you actually know how to make changes on your website. Many marketers get so overwhelmed with these testing tools that the idea of testing gets back-burnered.

At the risk of of sounding dramatic, not testing your website’s performance is at worst killing your business, and at best is akin to throwing large sums of money and/or time away in traffic generating activities.

The solution:

Spend a little money. The ROI you receive from using a robust testing tool like Visual Website Optimizer (shameless plug, but we use it in-depth), more than makes up for the nominal amount you spend for the service.

The benefit of using using a more robust testing tool with a WYSIWYG or Drag and Drop tool is obviously ease of use. You’ll be significantly more apt to perform a test that will take 10 minutes of your time with little to no technical sweat vs. a test that might take an hour and then not have full confidence that it has been implemented correctly.

The main takeaway is: When you remove your own personal barriers to doing business, you’ll be in a far greater position to succeed. The cheap route is always not the best route if going cheap will inhibit you from getting an integral part of your business practice done.


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