Time of Day Segmentation

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Internet Marketers go to great lengths to segment distinctly different areas to allow for better targeting. Keyword Groups, Geo-Targeting, Search v. Display targeting, and text vs. image ads are popular ways to segment Ad Campaigns. One rarely talked about strategy is segmenting your landing page appearance based upon time of day.

Now for marketers driving to a purely educational Call to Action (CTA) like a Free Report, time wouldn’t be as much of a concern since they can conceivably complete the action and view the content at any point, day or night. However, when we consider more of a direct CTA such as a Consultation or Free Quote, most advertisers usually give the option of a Phone Call or filling out a Web Form:

Most marketers pushing a Free Consultation usually agree that a phone call is a superior lead to a web form submission, but they also usually arrive at the consensus that a phone call lead is generally worthless if no one is available to take the call…

So it leaves us with 2 options:

  • Stop Advertising during Off Business Hours
  • Change the Call to Action during Off Business Hours

Not advertising during non-business hours would be a last resort in my estimation, simply because leads still come in and searches are still being performed around the clock. They don’t stop when most of the world punches out in the evening. Also, later in the day is sometimes an optimal time to advertise in some industries because less competition exists thereby making clicks cheaper and easier to achieve a high Ad Position.

The ideal option is to adjust your CTA according to business hours. By setting up separate campaigns segmenting based upon business and non business hours allows advertisers to capitalize on leads and prevent prospects from calling into numbers where they would receive a voicemail, or worse, no answer at all.

Here is an example of the same landing page with the number removed, and the primary call to action revolving around filling out a webform…

   At this point the onus is on following up with the webform lead as soon as
possible to get them engaged in your sales process while they’re still “hot”

The page above will be a far superior Lead Converter during non-business hours because the CTA to phone in for a consultation has been removed and the only option to proceed is to fill out a webform. You also mitigate the risk of frustrating a prospect because no one is present to take their call at 9pm.

As with any other segmentation it must be measured and analyzed to determine if this type of targeting is good for your business model.

Please comment below with any success stories in targeting your marketing and advertising with Time-of Day segmentation.

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