The Search for the Perfect Infusionsoft Consultant

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As a former Infusionsoft employee and current ICC, I’ve watched with fascination as the new Infusionsoft Certified Consultant program has grown. What began as a loosely gathered, less systemic program has grown into quite the well-oiled machine. Infusionsoft has made an unprecedented effort to unify and centralize the program, and has made qualification significantly more stringent, as most ICC’s can attest to.

Perhaps the most amazing part of the dynamic is the friendly competition that exists within the ICC community. It exists partly because of Infusionsoft’s unwavering mission to help small business owners succeed. The other factor resides in the fact that no 1 Infusionsoft project is the same. Because of this, it’s important to recognize each ICC’s specific strength. When so many facets exist within the vast world of “internet marketing”, especially when Infusionsoft is part of the equation, it’s of great importance to recognize each ICC’s bread-and-butter.

You will encounter all personality types in your search.

  1. The Sales/Strategy types that have a firm grasp on the Big Picture, but less of an idea how to actually technically implement: This type usually has a strong outsourced technical backing behind him/her, but anytime a strategist has to outsource, disconnects can potentially crop up. This consultant type is perfect for the small business owner that needs significant help with strategy, and is perhaps a little less Savvy with Internet Marketing concepts
  2. The uber techie guru who can technically fulfill any project you put in front of them. These guys are the MacGuyvers of the Infusionsoft world. If you can dream up very specific requirements for these guys, they can generally do it. They live to discover ninja Infusionsoft tricks and dream up workarounds that stretch the limits of Infusionsoft’s functionality. A potential drawback with this type is that a lot of times, they are little stand-offish at the idea of consulting on strategy. Sometimes the enormity and grey area inherent with strategy can be a bit daunting to this pragmatic consultant. This consultant is perfect for the small business owner that knows exactly what they need done strategically and technically, and just needs a rockstar to knock it out
  3. A combination of the 2, which is very rare. So rare, in fact that a 50/50 hybrid doesn’t even exist (that I’ve seen). Usually you’ll come across people that are 75/25 technical to strategy or vice-versa. These types are harder to find, just from the standpoint that the mental ability to perform both are EXTREMELY disparate.

Aside from these specific skillsets, you’ll want to weigh heavily their strengths in specific internet marketing areas. Certain ICC’s will have particular strengths in:

  • Referral Partner program creation
  • E-Commerce integration
  • Web Development
  • Elaborate Campaign Builders
  • Experts at ROI tracking
  • Lead Generation

Each ICC should be competent with a bit of it all, but most will really excel at one or 2 of these skill-sets.

At Site Traffic Control, we pride ourselves in taking on the jobs in which we excel, but remain self-aware enough to put our ego aside and work on projects we know we can knock out of the park technically, as well as strategically. Because of my back-ground working for the company and dealing closely with other ICC’s, I’ve been able to take on a wide range of different projects, and refer quite a few to some of my ICC friends that do certain facets better than myself.

Good luck with your ICC search, and comment below if you have any questions. If you want to talk about a specific project, sign up for a consultation on this page, and we can talk to you about who is going to be your best resource!

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