The Rise Of Brand Influence Marketing

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In today’s Social Media driven world, the rules for marketing have changed with the arrival of brand influencers.  Not to be confused with loyal brand advocates who willingly promote their favorite products and services, Brand influencers occupy a wide variety of niches as personalities and trusted authorities.   Reaching specific and large audiences, brand influencers are paid to create content and advocate products as part of a company’s’ online campaign.

In a sense, they fulfill an updated version of traditional product placement, but on a smaller and personal scale.  A brand influencer works directly with a company to create specific advertising in a subtle but effective way. Whether a product needs a little more exposure or has been freshly launched, studies have shown that brand influencing is becoming a staple of modern marketing and is projected to be a five to ten billion dollar industry in the next five years according to Google Trends. (

What makes this method effective?  In the most simple terms, trust.  The audiences that follow brand influencers have engaged with their past content and rely on them for entertainment, recommendations, and updates in their industry. 

This powerful rapport between influencer and consumer elevates word of mouth marketing traditionally received from a smaller social circle.  By leveraging the right content creator and promoter, a company can refine their audience and get a better profile of just who exactly is interested in their product.

With the rise of this new way of reaching consumers, platforms have also arisen to connect businesses and potential marketers as well.  Sites such as Famebit and Tap Influence are an easy way to create a campaign and hire these individuals for specific projects.  Whether you need to show off a new tech device or have just started a small custom jewelry shop, you are sure to find someone providing authority content within your niche.

Combined with a well crafted and highly targeted ad campaign, the use of brand influencing is an effective and modern way of reaching media savvy consumers. The key to being successful in any online campaign is identifying, and then connecting with your audience.  With this modern marketing option, it has never been easier.

An Example of Influencer Marketing:

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