The Facebook Algorithm Shakeup: How Will It Affect Advertisers?

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Over the last week, Facebook has announced that they will be altering the algorithms in user timelines with the intention of bringing more friend posts and life updates to the forefront as opposed to business articles or ads. The announcement came January 11th from the vice president of News Feed Adam Mosseri as well as a Facebook post from CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The goal of this modification is to “prioritize posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people” as well as “prioritize posts from friends and family over public content.”

The news has left many agencies and businesses reeling wondering what it will mean for their pay per click advertising strategy. Fortunately, this could actually be a positive for anyone who uses Facebook to advertise their goods or services for a few reasons.

1) Facebook is not changing their ad algorithm

Although the social giant is making drastic changes to timelines, they have not announced any major updates in the advertising sector. This means that users will still likely see the same amount of advertisements in their feed on any given day.

2) Businesses should get away with posting less often

Now that the algorithm for pages and feeds has changed, it matters more now than ever that your content is engaging. With the updates, businesses should put their focus on posting in depth, engaging articles and posts rather than posting multiple times a day.

3) It will encourage businesses to use more video

Facebook Live videos are currently totaling six times more interaction than non-live videos. Video itself has proven over the last few years to be a powerful tool, causing more than 60% of marketers and small business owners to plan increases in video marketing investments.

Facebook’s change all ties into one thing: creating more meaningful content from both advertisers and users. The changes make a bold statement from Facebook that they are trying to make positive changes after the negative press they received during the 2016 elections.

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