ROI and Infusionsoft Reporting

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In the metrics and data driven world of internet marketing, most everyone recognizes the importance of data driven decision making. One of our faults is to really drill down on the most important metric, namely ROI.

ROI is king. It’s also very elusive from the standpoint that it’s not as instantly calculable as say, a site visitor in Google Analytics.

For the few souls that actually read this blog, you’ve probably noticed that we approach things from a very Infusionsoft-centric place. If you’re not an Infusionsoft user, it can still be done. Just shoot me an email and we can go over alternate strategies.

If you are an Infusionsoft user, I’m going to assume that you have the system in place to set Leadsources as they come through. Setting Leadsource is crucial as the most accurate and varied ROI reporting is done through Leadsource. Before embarking on this process, it’s important to consider how granular you want to get. I would suggest differentiating distinct campaigns in PPC, different publishers in media buying and advertising, and affiliates. It will look a little like this:

Once you have your leadsources silo-ed out correctly the next step is to associate the correct Vendor, Medium, and Message, expense, and date occured to each leadsource. This data is important because it allows us to effectively drill down on ROI through a number of different lenses. Below is the Infusionsoft Google campaign for example.

Once this has been completed, we can employ one of Infusionsoft’s underrated tools: Reporting

The Leadsource report that will serve us best and most accurately is the Person Created ROI report (located in Reports > Marketing Reports). Here we can see exactly what we made from our $500 Google investment.

If we just look at our ROI from the one leadsource we can see that we have in fact, had very positive return on our $500 investment:

Keep in mind that we can also look at ROI through the lens of a specific Free Report, a different vendor (like Adcenter) or maybe ROI that we get from driving people straight to consultation. The possibilities are pretty endless, and at the end of the day, it’s pretty easy to do. The only manual part of this process should be:

1. Defining the leadsource variables in the outset (Vendor, Medium, and message)

2. Updating expenses on a semi-regular basis (at least every month)


Any Infusionsoft ROI reporting should solely serve as a FAIRLY accurate guiding light. Certain occurrences could slightly throw off the reporting (ie if someone signs up for a free report with one email address, but purchases a product with another, thereby creating a new contact record and not associating the leadsource with the amount collected) Keep this in mind if you’re doing a ROI report and the numbers don’t seem to be pulling correctly.

The return on your monetary or sweat investment should be one of, if not the most important driver of success in any organization. If you’re doing anything exciting with or without Infusionsoft to calculate ROI, let us know in the comments below



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