Remarketing: The Missing Piece to your Lead Generation and Marketing Automation Puzzle

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Have you ever noticed when you visit a website and that company’s ads seem to “stalk” you for the next week? This marketing strategy, called remarketing (or retargeting) has quickly become one of the hottest techniques in online advertising and can be a key component of marketing automation.

If you’re not familiar with remarketing, here is a brief example:

A man browses a health supplement website and views a page about herbal teas. As the herbal tea page loads, a cookie is place on his browser. The man leaves the health supplement site and continues browsing the internet, but sees ads for the same herbal tea on the different websites he visits.

This is the essence of site remarketing; advertising to people who have already visited your website as they browse across the internet.

Remarketing offers two huge benefits to small businesses. First, when implemented correctly remarketing has the highest ROI of any method of display advertising. Second, when combined with engaging banner ads, remarketing increases customer awareness and reinforces your brand with your target audience.

What remarketing service is right for me?

There are a lot of great remarketing vendors out there (Retargeter, Fetchback, etc.), but if you don’t have a large marketing budget and heavy site traffic, you may be better off just using Google’s remarketing feature built into AdWords.

AdWords allows you to implement remarketing code anywhere on your site, whether that is your homepage, product pages, or even landing pages for PPC and email marketing. You can also create combination lists that target people who visited a page, but did not record a conversion.

Remarketing Best Practices

No matter which service you choose, the same best practices apply.

    • Segment your audience based on what actions they took on your site. If someone already signed up for a webinar, don’t target them with ads pushing a webinar. Use negative targeting to remove these customers from your audience list.
    • Set daily impression caps. It’s good to have a strong web presence, but after a point you’re just wasting impressions, hurting your click-through-rate, and annoying your target audience. While every account is unique, setting frequency caps at 7-10 daily impressions for 1-2 weeks is typically ideal.

    • Create multiple ad sizes. Banner ads come in all different sizes, and every website will use a different combination. By only creating one or two ad sizes, you may be missing out on a high converting placement.
    • Use remarketing to push people to the next step in the funnel. Remarketing can be used for a lot more than lead generation. For example, once a customer has requested a free sample pack, target them with banner ads driving them to purchase the full product.
    • Rotate your messaging and ad design. As the same people see your ad over and over, they will start to develop “banner blindness”. Coming up with different designs and calls-to-action will help catch these people’s attention and reengage them.

Remember, when implemented correctly, remarketing/retargeting is an extremely effective, ROI positive method of customer acquisition and marketing automation. However, set up a poor campaign and you’ll only be wasting money and annoying key audiences.

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