Ready, Set, Go: Facebook Launches a New Level to their Campaign Structure with Ad Sets

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Taking a step forward on the path to becoming a better advertising platform, Facebook is unveiling another element to their campaign structure with the introduction of ad sets. Implemented on March 4th, users now have the ability to group ads within a campaign by specific demographics, ad schedules, verbiage and budgets.

In the same way advertisers have long-since utilized ad groups in AdWords and Bing Ads, ad sets allow users to more easily target several audience segments without having to build multiple campaigns. For example, an online pet supply company may take advantage of this feature by splitting the ads in a campaign by breed. Once segmented, they can specifically tailor the ads to match people who have indicated they show in an interest in that particular kind of dog or cat.

Facebook_Ad_SetsGoing after specific demographics with highly targeted ads is nothing new on Facebook or any other platform for that matter. However, aside from making your campaign dashboard more streamlined and organized, this feature enables you to retrieve performance stats for all levels of the campaign. Updated reporting allows your to view metrics such as total reach as it pertains to campaigns, ad sets and individual ads and optimize accordingly based on demographic, geography and placement performance.

Back to the pet supply company example, one may find that Golden Retrievers are ranking as the top-performing ad set. Based on that information, they can raise the bid of that ad set or lower the bids of the other breed ads sets within the campaign.

All existing campaigns are now migrated to the new campaign structure. If you’re wondering how to adjust for this, have no fear; the ad sets implementation will not interfere with the performance of your current campaigns. Once a campaign is selected, the format will be basically business as usual with one exception: along with any ads already in place within your campaign will be an ad set called, “Ad Set 1.” From there, you can organize your ads into this ad set or create additional sets based on your campaign objectives or targeted demographics.

We highly recommend taking full advantage of this feature by utilizing it to its maximum potential. Start by realizing your campaign objective; are you going after clicks, likes, conversions, etc? This will help you optimize for spend, delivery and ad messaging. From there, break out your ad sets into audiences (interests targeted to Chihuahuas, Corgis, Golden Retrievers, so on and so forth) to develop highly targeted, highly engaging ads. Finally, ensure each ad set contains multiple ads so you can optimize for placement, ad text and visuals.

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