Pepsi Gets Emoji-fied

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Pepsi is throwing down and launching a global campaign that will utilize advertising platforms in a unique way. This Summer Pepsi is introducing “PepsiMojis,” placing specially designed locally and globally specific emojis on all of Pepsi’s products across the entire trademark. To further increase the reach of the campaign, Pepsi is also thinking outside of the metaphorical bottle and collaborating with a fashion designer to produce a collection inspired by PepsiMojis. This campaign comes after Coca-Cola saw success with their “Share-a-Coke” packaging promotion that ran printed names and sayings on coke bottles, giving the brand a more personal touch.

A part of what makes Pepsi’s campaign unique is that it will utilize 5 second animated videos across both digital and traditional advertising platforms. What is particularly interesting is the idea of using bite size content, which is typical of digital advertising, and placing it on traditional mediums such as TV. In today’s advertising era, consumers have the ability to skip content (think YouTube pre-roll videos); However, Pepsi has found a way to make their content virtually “un-skippable” and easy to digest. The video content is over before consumers ever have the chance to press skip, exit out, or even scroll.

How it works: Pepsi worked with Google to determine the most searched terms for summer. Those pre-determined keywords will then trigger a specific 5-second PepsiMoji video in the hopes of associating summer and all of its feels with the PepsiCo brand. For example, searching the word ice cream might prompt a 5-second video of a PepsiMoji eating an ice cream and getting a brain freeze.
In addition to the digital search advertising, these 5-second videos will also appear on TV and will overflow into the social sphere with the hashtag #sayitwithpepsi, which encourages the consumers to take photos of their Pepsi bottle or can with a PepsiMoji to express how they feel…because nothing shows the depth of human emotion like an emoji….

The primary characteristic of this campaign is the use of emoji’s, which is at its most essential level, a universal language. A smiling emoji or pictures of an ice cream cone all carry the same basic meaning. For this reason, Pepsi tested the campaign in Canada, which has more than one official language to determine the appeal of these symbols across linguistic barriers. Also, with the cultural shift moving towards healthier lifestyles, it is a smart move for Pepsi and other similar brands to move the emphasis off of the product itself (sugary soda) and onto something that people can relate to and that brings reminiscent feelings of something that people love (summer time). In the marketing world, emotions are gold. With companies like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and McDonalds, it is important to sell some emotion of the warm and fuzzy variety for some positive brand association.

So, bring on the circular yellow smiley faces and all the emoji-sicles.

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