Microsoft adCenter rebranded as Bing Ads

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As of September 10, 2012, Microsoft adCenter has been rebranded as Bing Ads. Since its launch in 2006, Microsoft adCenter has always played second fiddle to Google AdWords, even when partnered with Yahoo a few years back. Bing Ads will still serve both the Bing and Yahoo search networks, but should provide much better branding for the service as Bing has easily become the second most popular English-language search engine worldwide.

This is a great move on Microsoft’s part, and probably long overdue. Working with a variety of small businesses every day, we’ve found that most business owners had no knowledge of Microsoft adCenter but have always heard of Bing.

What’s new with Bing Ads?

At first glance, not a whole lot. Microsoft has been rolling out enhancements over the past few months, but most everything appears the same as of the Bing Ads rebranding.

One recent upgrade that did stand out was an “Import from Google AdWords” menu link.

Recognizing that AdWords is by far #1, Microsoft adCenter has always allowed users to import campaigns directly from AdWords. The new feature makes it even easier to move campaigns over to Bing Ads; all you need is your Google email and password.

Is Bing Ads right for my business?

We generally start our clients on Google AdWords and after an initial optimization period may copy the account over to Bing Ads. Even with the recent Bing Ads improvements, Google AdWords is still WAY more user friendly and has much greater search share.

The two main reasons to be on Bing Ads are:

  1. You can get cheaper clicks and usually see a cheaper cost-per-lead than AdWords
  2. You’re not hitting your daily budget on AdWords and want another avenue to target

If you’re running a small but successful PPC campaign in Google AdWords, it’s probably not worth your time to get up on Bing Ads (at least not yet). If you’re seeing a lot of success in AdWords or are struggling making the ROI work for your business, it might be worth given Bing Ads a shot.

Of course, all this could change as Bing Ads continues to improve. For now, however, Google is still king and the place to be for marketing your business online.

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