Love letter to Infusionsoft

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Infusionsoft is so much more than a software company.  Yet the name “Infusionsoft” doesn’t necessarily imply that.

I’ve had a bit of internal conflict with the company name  during my stay on the marketing team. The name Infusionsoft conjures a cold .com-y place where employees ride around on segways with a snarky glare. At the same time, I do realize we can’t exactly refer to ourselves as the Huggy Bear software company…but I digress

Yes, Infusionsoft is a place where innovation happens. It’s also a place where I’ve seen an unimaginable level of collaboration. All the “outside of the box” software company cliches probably do apply

But forget all that for a moment.

More importantly, it’s a place where I’ve made some of the closest relationships I’ve ever had.  Infusionsoft is a software company that manages to be warm (of all things.)

I had no idea so many kindred spirits exist in Arizona. To be quite honest, my initial impression was that the state was a wasteland for all things cultural, spiritual, and intelligent.  Infusionsoft, specifically the people, changed my perception. There, I found more passion in my work than I could have ever imagined. I found what I was put on earth to do. That is no small thing for a perpetual wanderer.

Because of Infusionsoft, I found a home in the freaking desert.

And to every employee from CEO Clate Mask on down, I couldn’t be anymore grateful.

The dream is to Revolutionize the way Small Businesses Grow.  The reality is that they have helped Revolutionize my growth. If they can distill that into it’s purest form, bottle, and sell it, I have no doubt the dream will become reality.

How has the “little software company” in Arizona affected you?

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