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In the spirit of celebrating where we came from and where we are now, I thought it would be fun to look back on our origins and the path that led us here after recently eclipsing 3 years of being in business.

In the Beginning

I initially sought out to become the premier PPC (pay per click) Ads Manager for the Infusionsoft ecosystem. Basically if you used Infusionsoft and you had a budget for advertising, I wanted to be the go-to guy that understood getting you the most bang for your advertising buck (by far). After a period of growth, we became dutifully responsible for close to 1 million dollars in annual ad spend primarily for Infusionsoft customers. Our clients have ranged in industries, from traditional brick-and-mortar businesses selling all types of products to Info Marketers that eat, drink, sleep, and breath the Dan Kennedy models…

…and we love them all. We love Infusionsoft clients because they understand elements of website conversion better than almost anyone. We know, as ad managers, that if we can’t focus exclusively on paid traffic that converts then our chances of running an ROI positive campaign are slim.

My Team

Before I get too far ahead of myself, I’ll be the first to admit that one cannot build and grow a rock solid ad agency alone. After realizing that the workload and necessary client interactions were getting beyond me, I brought in someone who could help take the business and scale to the next level. I found that and more in Adam Hoog.

Adam came in and showed an insatiable desire to learn about all things AdWords, Infusionsoft, and Lead Generation. His ability to see projects in a very analytical and logical way far outweighed my own skill. He quickly became responsible for almost all of our account maintenance and management. I’ve seen him work miracles on client advertising accounts that were completely in the doldrums.

The key to any successful ad manager is to be able to think 3 dimensionally and realize that none of what we do exists in a vacuum. Yes, having a great ad campaign is very important, but you have to realize that any campaign is only as good as the website, as well as the back-and processes behind it (Infusionsoft). Adam understands that in spades, and has a way of communicating that to our clients effectively.

Later, further growth dictated that we bring someone on who was a breath of fresh air and not so mired in our little world of lead generation “best practices” – In came Liz Rajchel. She brought an air of creativity and style that was sorely missing from our Boys Club dynamic. She’s taken to Online Advertising amazingly, and can bring it with a series of creative well-thought ads seemingly on demand.

Simply put, these guys are amazing and I owe a TON to them.

Our Purpose

Our purpose has never been to be miracle workers. There are plenty of those guys in “internet-land”. Without naming names, we would never go down the path of promising insane results with absolutely no work or time involved. From my experience, those promises NEVER work and I am sick of hearing client horror stories regarding how they put their trust (and money) into promises that are impossible to keep. Frankly, I think a certain element of the BS con-artist exists in this space. They essentially have the sole purpose of exploiting a still new channel of advertising and marketing. They don’t feel as though their job is to educate, but rather prey on ignorance.

The brutal truth, in my opinion, is that you have to work your ass off to succeed, no matter how good you are at any certain element of business. For instance, we feel that we’re pretty good at advertising online, but just being good is not enough. It’s our job to do everything we can to continually find ways to optimize and improve an account. At the same time, our client can’t rest on their laurels expecting us to run their business for them. That’s not the way it works. The best dynamic for us is that we do everything we can to improve your lead generation, you do everything you can to turn those leads into sales. Working and analyzing is the only way. The 4 hour workweek does not exist here.

Where We Are Now

We’ve grown a bit outside of the Infusionsoft ecosystem because we have discovered that there ARE other businesses that get it *gasp*. Infusionsoft clients will always be our bread and butter, but we are not relegated to using solely that application. Our managed ad spend has been increasing, and we’ve sustained some nice growth. We’re in the fortunate position where we can be a bit more intelligent about the type of clients we work with. We’re getting better at bringing businesses on that we mesh well with, and that we know we can knock it out of the park for. It’s a good place to be 🙂

In Summation

I REALLY appreciate you being on my email list. I’m proud of, and feel a sense of duty to every subscriber we have. We’ll always try to give you good, actionable info with very little “hard-sale” around our services. While trite, I’ve learned in my still young career that you get by giving, and that’s the philosophy we’ll always adhere to (why does this feel so Jerry Mcguire all of a sudden?).

If you’d be interested in talking with us about our Paid Search programs and want to learn a bit more about how we can work with your business, feel free to schedule a chat. You’ll be talking directly to me, not a hard-core sales guy, or a smooth-talking internet marketing snake oil person. Trust me, when you hear my Southern Drawl and general awkwardness, you can be rest-assured that you won’t be sold against your will.

Here’s to another 3 years!



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