How to Set Up Gmail Sponsored Promotions Campaign In AdWords (GSP Ads)

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Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP) has been released from beta and is now available to all advertisers in Google AdWords! Wait, what even is a Gmail Sponsored Promotion and why do I care?

Google ended traditional text ads for Gmail in 2014, replacing them with a beta product called “Gmail Sponsored Promotions.” This new (and very powerful) ad type targets potential customers using their Gmail activity. In short, everybody and their mom should care about learning how to utilize this new tool, and here’s why:

  • Cheap Cost-Per-Clicks – You pay when someone clicks the Teaser Ad, so CPCs are much lower than other display ads.
  • Low Competition – Most AdWords advertisers don’t know how to set up a GSP campaign, let alone be successful with it.
  • Super Targeted Ads – You can target contextual keywords, interests, demographics, geographic location, devices, etc, but even better… YOU CAN TARGET EMAIL DOMAINS!**
  • New Ad Type – This never-before-seen ad type sparks the interest of viewers, making them more likely to click the ad. Plus, it looks just like an email!

**Why is this significant? Think about if you ran a travel booking website and you could target everyone who gets KAYAK alerts from Or what if you sell an Infusionsoft plug-in and could target everyone who gets emails from Pretty powerful way to reach your key audience, right?

OK, I’m Excited! How Do I Set Up A GSP Campaign??

  1. Click the +Campaign button and select “Display Network only.”Display Network Only
  2. Enter the campaign name and select “No Marketing Objective.”No Marketing Objective
  3. Set up your campaign settings like a normal display campaign (location targeting, language, bid strategy, and budget).
  4. Click “Save and Continue” at the bottom.
  5. Name your ad group and set your starting CPC bid.Ad Group Name
  6. Set up your display targeting (keywords, interests, etc.). To target email senders, enter in their domains as display keywords.Display Targeting
  7. Click the “Narrow your targeting further” option and select “Placements.”Narrow Targeting Further
  8. Add the placement to your placement targeting and click “Save Ad Group.”
  9. You can’t create a GSP ad from this screen (yet), so when it asks you to create an ad, click the “Skip Ad Creation” button.

Boom! Your new GSP Campaign is all set up. Now you can create Gmail Ads.

Creating A GSP Ad

  1. Navigate into the newly created ad group’s “Ads” tab, click the “+Ad” button and select “Ad gallery”Ad Gallery
  2. From the “Ad gallery” choose the option for Gmail adsGmail Ads
  3. Unless you have Advanced HTML knowledge or sell multiple e-commerce products, choose either “image template” or “single promotion template”Gmail Image Template

***I recommend image template unless you have no graphic design capabilities at all.

Now you can upload your images and enter other information such as your ad name, urls and ad creative. Here’s the GSP ad we created:Sample GSP Ad

That’s it! You’re ready for some cheap clicks. If you had trouble following this “how to” then check out our YouTube webinar on Gmail Sponsored Promotions below.

Here’s a few more tips and tricks to utilize after you’ve mastered the basics:

Campaign Best Practices

  • Target VERY specifically to reach your ideal audience.
  • Email domains for competitors and complementary companies are great, but only if they send out A LOT of emails (think, not
  • When coming up with your initial CPC, remember that you’re paying for someone to open your ad, not click through to your landing page.
  • Ultimately, you may only get a 1% conversion rate!!! But that’s okay, because it’s all about Cost-Per-Conversions (cheap clicks = cheap conversions)

Ad Best Practices

  • Your “Logo” and “Advertiser” don’t actually have to be a logo and company name. Utilize these to catch people’s attention!
  • Use a call-to-action in your Teaser Ads that matches the call-to-action on the Expanded Ad, to increase likelihood of people clicking through.
  • Your goal is to get people to go to your landing page, not just to see your teaser. Once people navigate to your landing page, you can expect a great conversion rate.
  • If you want people to call, you can also include your phone number in the expanded ad.
  • Always include a button in your expanded ad.

If you have any further questions on getting started with Gmail Sponsored Ads, or if you want our help, call 1-800-790-3108 or email us at [email protected]. We always love to hear from you!

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