How to Know if Your AdWords Agency Is Actually Doing Work

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There are a lot of really good AdWords agencies out there. But the fact is, there are a lot more bad agencies than good ones. (If you want to work with the best in the business, click here!)

If you’re working with an agency to promote your business through Google AdWords, you might find yourself wondering what you’re really paying for and just how much work these “experts” are actually doing.

Lucky for you, AdWords logs every change made to the account and saves them in a “Change History” that you can access directly from the main campaigns screen.

AdWords Change History

Once you click the “Change History” link, you can set the date range to the time frame in which you’re interested. This will bring up every single change that has been made in this account during the designated time frame.

Change History

Don’t see much there? You’re probably not getting what you’re paying for…

How many changes should you be seeing? That depends a lot on how much traffic you’re driving and how long your account has been up and running. Don’t expect to see changes everyday unless you have a really large account that’s driving a lot of data. At a bare minimum, however, there should be at least a small change once a week.

If you do see changes, look for things like new ads being created, bid and budgets adjustments, and keywords paused and/or added. At a surface level, these kinds of changes will give you an indication that you’re account is being actively managed.

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