Google AdWords Editor: Making AdWords Bulk Editing Possible Since 2006

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Google AdWords Editor is a quick and easy way to manage your advertising campaigns offline. Composed of tabs, folders and drop down menus, all information from your online interface is stored and available in an interface that is highly navigable and user-friendly. Without a doubt its most shining feature is its ability to make bulk edits on keywords, ads, ad groups and display ad placements that would otherwise drag out into lengthy revisions working online in your Google AdWords account.

Creating a Campaign

Like Google AdWords, AdWords Editor can be utilized to create a campaign. Unlike its online counterpart, AdWords Editor has the ability to create multiple campaigns and then be used to apply broad edits to each.

Creating a campaign from scratch is a breeze with other handy tools such as the “keywords opportunities” tool which compiles a list of similar phrases based on one search term entered and the “keyword grouper” tool which takes all keywords and groups them into similar terms. Additionally, you can pull information from other campaigns, such as a lengthy list of keywords and simply copy and paste them into your new campaign.

Making Bulk Edits

Given the task, for instance, of updating the destination URL for a campaign could be quite daunting if you have numerous ads running in any given campaign. If individually editing the URL’s per ad isn’t quite your style, AdWords Editor can break up the monotony and simplify this process. The same idea applies to other quick fixes that may routinely appear in any campaign such as raising or lowering bids, adding keywords or negative keywords, or adjusting ad copy. As you work, AdWords Editor automatically saves all progress made should you be the victim of an unfortunate computer crash or other unforeseen issue. Once done, simply post changes and voilà—your edits are instantly made to your online Google AdWords account. It’s almost too easy (although AdWords Editors does have its drawbacks).

AdWords Editor Versus Google AdWords

While AdWords Editor can certainly be helpful in expediting the creation of multiple campaign and mass edits, there are inherent shortcomings to using this free application alone. To put it blatantly, AdWords Editor is not as smart as the online interface. What this essentially means is tracking the fruits of your labor is not as readily available or as easy to read as it is online. Tracking the progress of click-through-rates, dual ad campaigns and conversion rates are indications of a campaign’s success that are best monitored via the online interface as AdWords Editor does not report these averages.

Bing Ads Editor

Like AdWords Editor, Bing Ads Editor allows the user to manager their campaigns offline in a similar format. Existing accounts or campaigns can be imported, modified and updated with the click of the mouse. Again, making minor adjustments to individual ads or campaigns is best left to the online interface.

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