Going the Distance in Facebook Ads (and Getting Really Cheap Leads, Too!)

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Founded by a pair of athletic entrepreneurs, our online sports training client seeks to equip runners and outdoor enthusiasts with the information they need to pursue their passion injury-free. They teamed up with Site Traffic Control to reach as many members of this niche group through Facebook as possible. The result? Well, let’s just say we really hit the ground running…
Site Traffic Control’s campaign produced the following results:

• $0.08 clicks
• Clickthrough rates exceeding 7%
• $0.50 leads

FB screenshot

How’d we do it?

It all started with a tweak to the existing call-to-action. Our client presented us with an injury assessment; a straightforward and reasonable approach to take when courting athletes. Our team determined that while relevant, the offer would really only speak to recently injured or recovering athletes, a small segment of an already targeted audience. Rather than scrap a landing page’s worth of content, we kept all intact with the exception of the headline:

“Simple 1-minute Test Exposes If You’re in a State of Pre-Injury!”


“Simple 1-minute Test Exposes What Is Slowing You Down!”

Simple…yet effective. By just slightly altering the lead magnet from injury-based to performance-based, we were able to entice more runners with an offer that provided relevance and value. The proof? That was found in the clickthrough rate.

Facebook offers multiple bidding options allowing advertisers to choose the style best suited for their goals; traditionally, bidding for clicks is the default standard. Had we chosen this method, we could expect to pay around $0.35 a click regardless of the success of the campaign giving us a fair amount of control over the CPC but ultimately not the best possible price. Given what we deemed to be the ideal offer paired with a carefully crafted audience, our team opted to bid for impressions instead.

If we missed our mark with our audience, ads or offer, such a bidding strategy had the potential to increase our cost-per-click. If we succeeded with a high clickthrough rate relative to impressions shown, we would be able to secure dirt cheap clicks.

Finally, we rolled out tried and tested ad styles reflecting the landing page’s messaging as well as aesthetic. What resulted was a cost-per-click of $0.08 or 78% below what we would expect to pay bidding for clicks.

Let’s break it down:

Low barrier to entry freebie offer + compelling imagery/consistent ad text + simple web form registration + maximum exposure bidding = $0.50 leads

By combining all the right elements, our campaign hit its target and then some with clickthrough rates upward of 11%; percentages rarely seen on the Facebook platform and the key to such affordable clicks.

Assembling the perfect storm of campaign circumstances can sometimes be a challenge and require endurance, be it finding the right audience, offer or even banner creative. In this instance, the path to success was more of a sprint. Our winning bid strategy enabled us to get our message out to the right audience at the best cost-per-click thanks chiefly in part to sky-high clickthrough rates and a 10/10 quality score. Refined messaging translated prospects into leads at a record low cost-per-lead.

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