Direct Response PPC: Why It Works For Small Businesses

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Do you ever blink an eye at the Coca-Cola advertisements that you see on the side of the bus, in the movies, on the radio, during commercial breaks or in magazines? If you’re like me, then chances are you don’t. And when you end up actually buying that Coca-Cola product, do you know which of those advertisements influenced you to make the purchase? Probably not.

Branding Advertising

Branding Billboard

Coca Cola Ad Placement




This mass marketing strategy is called “branding.” Often times, large well-known corporations use this type of advertising to sway consumers into buying their brand over the competitor’s – and it works well for them!

Seeing how successful the “big guys” are by using this marketing tactic can, however, lead many small business owners into thinking it will work just as well for their startup company. Unfortunately if you are a small business owner competing in this area, you generally have to spend about the same amount of money as your competitors to be noticed. In addition, it’s almost impossible to measure your return-on-investment. This high expense causes a lot of small business owners to sink their own ship. Don’t be that guy!

So then what is the best marketing tactic for startups, you ask? The answer is Direct Response Marketing. Being a more measurable, trackable, actionable strategy for gaining customers, it allows small business owners to actually see what their customers are doing in relation to their advertising efforts. Probably the most well-known Pay-Per-Click (PPC) platform alive, Google AdWords gives you data such as impressions, clicks, converted clicks, view-through conversions and more. PPC ads usually request the customer to opt in for something on the landing page, whether it’s an email newsletter, text message or a subscription. In other words, they require customers to interact. Once you receive opt-ins, you can begin marketing directly to each of them.

Being a small business owner gives you one slight advantage over corporations – the abilityCall From Mom to be more personal with all of your customers. Through the use of Direct Response Marketing, customers feel more like they are interacting with your company and less like they’re just reading a billboard that’s up for everyone to see.

Take this scenario for example. Which would you prefer: A phone call from mom saying that she thinks you’re special, or a Facebook status from mom saying that all of her kids are special? Direct Response Marketing is like a phone call from mom.

At Site Traffic Control, we thrive with startups and small companies that use Direct Response Marketing. We have certified professionals that know how to analyze, measure and report what your customers are doing when they see your ads. Whether it’s AdWords, Bing or other similar PPC platforms, our team knows how to set your campaigns on the fast track to success! For further questions about how you can get started with us today, call using the contact information below. We hope to hear from you!

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