Constantly Contacted: Utilizing Automated Lead Response Programs to Keep in Touch with Phone leads

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Capturing a prospect’s attention and attracting them into your marketing funnel is as we all know the crucial first step in any advertising endeavor – after all, it is our specialty here at Site Traffic Control! However, once your prospect has crossed that first hurdle of becoming a conversion; many people fail to properly take the next step: turning those conversions into sales.

Most small business owners already find themselves juggling many tasks in any given day. Hounding down potential clients to find time to talk is not only a daunting task, but one that is likely to fall by the wayside (thus defeating the first step in your marketing funnel).

No phone call should ever fall through the cracks. You can plug these holes by a) instantly connecting with phone leads or b) having clients immediately schedule themselves in one or your open time slots.

Connect With Phone Leads Instantaneously

If you have a website or a landing page and a definitive call-to-action you probably have a web form prominently displayed in an effort to capture your lead’s (relevant) information.

You’re on the right path!

But let’s face it; some people would still rather speak with a real live person than fork over their information to a text field. Weird.

IBPAs you may recall from our previous blog, Ifbyphone® is a voice-based marketing automation resource used at Site Traffic Control to track and monitor inbound phone calls for our clients. In addition to assigning local or toll-free numbers to specific text ads, the software can be utilized to put you in contact with a lead the moment a click becomes a conversion so you can turn that prospect into a sale.

Once a web form is filled out, Ifbyphone’s MyLeadResponder works by immediately contacting a sales rep or business owner and passing along their information. If you want to connect to the lead at that moment, you simply accept the call and are immediately transferred to your hot lead in…well, a hot second.

The advantages of this service are clear: you spend less time focusing on the administrative tasks associated with connecting to the client and more time doing what you or your sales team does best: closing the sale.

Additionally, quick turnaround time not only speaks volumes about your company to the interested lead, but it leaves them zero time to forget they made the consultation or lose interest when they are not contacted in a timely fashion.

Scheduling Clients with TimeTrade

Between handling your own day-to-day operations and keeping track of which leads you’ve scheduled and which need a follow-up, scheduling prospects can be rather time consuming.

Also, you’d be surprised at how many people indicate interest in a free service such as a consultation and then seemingly drop off the face of the earth once you reach out to them to set up a time.

Cue TimeTrade, one of the leading online appointment scheduling programs, to make connecting easier for both you and your client alike. With the ability to integrate with external systems including web sites and CRM systems (including Infusionsoft!), keeping track of client scheduling is automated and efficient.

In our own agency, Site Traffic Control relies on TimeTrade to do much of the heavy lifting when it comes to aiding with our consultation requests. Once a consultation web form is completed, the visitor is directed to a page where they can choose from a list of available time slots.

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Because the program is incorporated with our company’s calendar, the appointment is auto-populated allowing us to easily track and manage all upcoming consultations. Additionally, time slots can be customized to suit your schedule, ensuring you will only be booked when you are available to meet or speak with that prospect.

Depending on how available you or your team is to take a call as it comes in will likely dictate which program would be best suited for your business. While these programs are useful tools for scheduling and connecting with leads, it should be noted that they only work as well as the person managing them.

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