Certified Awesome: My Path to Becoming an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant

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Five years out of college and I figured that my test-taking days were long behind me. To be perfectly honest, I figured I would not have much to cram for until I was due to renew my driver’s license when it expires in 2050. For this reason alone, I felt just a twinge of hesitation as I entered Infusionsoft headquarters in Chandler, Arizona this past May.

In my role as an account manager at Site Traffic Control I have had my fair share of screen time with the Infusionsoft program. Often cited as the Ferrari of CRM systems, I knew how streamlined it made my job on a day-to-day basis; what I did not realize was that the features I routinely used it for were merely the tip of the iceberg.

Armed with my backpack stocked with pens, notebook paper and my mid-morning snack I felt like a kid on her first day of school facing exciting (and let’s face it, nerve-wracking) new experiences. New sights, new faces – there’s even an on-site football field located smack dab in the middle of Infusionsoft HQ that most certainly drummed up memories of my first few days as a lowly freshman.

Unlike most first day of school experiences, however, I was not only greeted by a much needed carafe of coffee an complimentary breakfast, but a welcoming lot of Infusionsoft trainers and future Infusionsoft Certified Consultants alike  who were all eager to share their knowledge as a collective, unified unit.

Mark_Kara_BrianRounding out the all-star training course team was Certified Consultants Program Manager Kara Barney, ICC Partner Trainer Mark Bailey and Program Manager Technology Partners Brian Kappus to touch upon the finer points of being an ICC.

From tackling the fundamentals of Lifecycle Marketing to rolling up our sleeves and delving deep into campaign builder our class of 35 (the largest class yet) spent three intensive days absorbing all of our instructor’s words and PowerPoint slides of wisdom. While the Infusionsoft experience level varied amongst my classmates from less than a year to more than four, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that we all learned enough new information to fill the hefty notebook I came armed with.

Now that I have “graduated” and received the distinct honor of joining the exclusive world of Infusionsoft Certified Consultants, I reflect upon the knowledge acquired between that Tuesday I entered and the Friday that I submitted my test and crossed my fingers that the score would be better than the last final I submitted in college for my intro to sociology course.

While I am grateful for the technical training we were so immersed in, having the ability to learn within the ever-expanding Infusionsoft walls allowed me to fully understand the culture behind it. Unlike many companies whose employees essentially serve as drones to a faceless organization, Infusionsoft’s nine core values are as clear as the glass conference room walls they are displayed on.

Next year when it is time to renew my Infusionsoft Certified Consultant status online I feel the training I received this past month in conjunction with the ongoing educational Webinars and conferences offered to ICC’s  will give me the confidence to enter the test with a little less trepidation but also, unfortunately, a lot less catered meals.



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