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Even as recently as 2009, media buying and targeted banner advertising have been a tough task for small businesses, requiring an investment of thousands of dollars and an outsourced graphic designer to develop the multi-sized ads for the campaigns.

Luckily, Google AdWords has a tool called the Display Ad Builder that makes the whole process a snap for even basic users, and in the past couple months it’s gotten even easier. When implemented strategically, you can avoid the traditional costs and “banner blindness” that many display advertisers face.

Why should I consider banner ads?

Text ads have always been the “King of Online Advertising” for small businesses and should remain so for the near future. After all, when utilized correctly, they are cheap, effective and ultra-targeted. But banner ads offer visuals and branding that a text ad never could. Banner ads also draw people’s attention, especially when they are already familiar with your company and can include interactive elements like video, slideshows and roll-over actions.

Creating Banner Ads

If you have a Google AdWords account, I’d definitely recommend checking out their Display Ad Builder. You can find it by creating a new ad, but choosing “Display ad builder” instead of “Text ad”. Once you open it up you’ll see over 200 customizable banner templates.

Select one and you’ll be able to upload your own imagery and logo, write the headlines and description and even change the button’s call-to-action. As you modify the banner, Google will automatically update five additional banner sizes.

Using banner ads effectively

Because banner ads are so prevalent on the internet, people often develop “banner blindness” and just naturally block out these display ads. At Site Traffic Control, we’ve found the most effective way to get around this is to use remarketing to only show your ad to people who have visited your website or landing page.

If you’re not familiar with what remarketing is, visit the websites for DirectTV, Progressive, or even Infusionsoft and you’ll notice ads like this following you around the internet:

Remarketing with banner ads reinforces your brand in the minds of potential customers. It also is an incredible tool to bring people back to your website and move them from lead to prospect to purchase.

Keep your eye out for a future blog detailing exactly how to set up a killer remarketing campaign. In the mean time, start creating some banner ads for your business!

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