Better Tracking with the Infusionsoft Referral Partner Program

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**Disclaimer** This Post could prove antiquated as Infusionsoft improves its analytics reporting. Once more action can be placed upon analytics data it will solve the problem that I’m discussing.

Landing pages are good. Utilizing them in a PPC campaign is, in most situations, a must. But since most of us Infusionsoft users know and practice the art of tracking leads, they can prove to be problematic.

Example: Someone clicks an ad to go to a specific landing page, but decides that they need to do a little more research before opting-in. The prospect then visits your main site and at that point they make the positive decision to opt-in to your marketing or better yet, make a purchase.

As it stands today, Infusionsoft would not be able to track the lead as an advertising lead, because whatever information you tried to pass through the URL of the ad is now gone forever since they didn’t take the initial action on the landing page. Data being passed through a URL string is only good on the next click, but not subsequent clicks UNLESS you employ the Referral Parter program (formerly known as the affiliate module) in Infusionsoft.

As a member of the Infusionsoft Marketing team, I learned that the Referral Program module could be manipulated in awesome ways. Basically, we created a Referral Partner for each advertising publisher. Everything was tracked from clicks to opt-ins to sales. It was the original analytics reporting before analytics reporting was even available.

How is it done?

By creating an Referral Partner out of whatever vehicle you are using to advertise (Google, Adcenter, Facebook, 3rd party websites) you can track a lead throughout the entire process, since Infusionsoft will drop a cookie in their machine. Now, anytime they fill out a webform a record is created with the proper information automatically . Even if the lead were to leave the landing page and opt-in elsewhere, it would still be tracked as coming from one of your respective advertising sources.

What do I need to do it?

  • The Infusionsoft Referral Partner Program
  • The technical ability to create Referral Partners, and Referral Redirects
  • The ability to place conditional actions on whatever affiliate info appears in the prospect record. You’ll probably want to set a leadsource, tag, or both representing the fact that the lead came from an ad

It may seem like a bit of work to integrate, but when you consider…

  1. The relative few links that exist on a “normal” landing page anyways
  2. The crucial position you’re in to have as accurate tracking as possible
  3. The fact that our research has shown us that up to 33% of advertising leads will opt in on a page OTHER than the initial landing page

… you soon realize that “normal” leadsource tracking doesn’t cut it in Infusionsoft if you want to be able to track leads accurately.

Are there any other creative ways you Infusionsoft users employ to get more accurate Leadsource tracking? Respond in the comments below!

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