Adwords Conversion Tracking and Infusionsoft

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Most Infusionsoft users totally get the concept of tracking ROI on every marketing platform available. So if you’re not measuring conversions on Adwords, you’re missing out on the most important metric that leads to success on a paid search account (Conversions- Lead Generation!)

If you are using Infusionsoft thank you pages, it’s a snap. Just take your conversion script in Adwords (located in the reporting and tools tab), which will look something like this:

Simply save this script on your clipboard and enter it into the very bottom of the code on the Infusionsoft thank you page

And Voila! You’re tracking the most important metric in an Adwords campaign!

It’s super easy to install on an Infusionsoft thank you page, but if you’re using web-based Thank you pages, contact me: [email protected] and I can show you how to install this valuable tool.

Quick note: You’ll actually need for a prospect to naturally run a conversion through to make sure conversion tracking is working (or else you’ll have to charge yourself a click)

Good luck with measuring conversions and generating ridiculous ROI!

What other tools are you using to track success across your marketing efforts?

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