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#1 Phoenix PPC Agency

Many small businesses simply do not have the time or capital required to run their own marketing department alongside normal day-to-day operations. If your current advertising efforts have hit a brick wall or if you haven’t even started on a marketing plan, Site Traffic Control is the help you need.

Being one of the best Digital Marketing Agencies in Phoenix AZ, our team of qualified account executives certified in Google AdWords, BingAds and Facebook Ads love to show off their excellent online advertising skills. We aim to be your first choice for all your digital marketing needs.

#1 PPC Agency in Arizona







From pay-per-click advertising to landing page development, Site Traffic Control has the knowledge and tools on hand to develop powerful, lead-generating content – and qualified leads at that! So if you are having a difficult time narrowing your digital marketing funnel to focus on the right audience, we can help!

Last but not least, our professional team spends countless hours researching the current and upcoming trends in online advertising so we can produce an advertising campaign that will provide a generous ROI, but also one that is truly representative of the brand.

Our Services

We’ve got Digital Marketing services to fill every shoe you might need filled, whether it is a complete rebuild of all your current online advertising strategies or a brand new project waiting to be started. We even offer training to continue project management after campaigns have been created.

PPC AdWords Account Creation

PPC AdWords Account Creation: This is what we do for hours on end, day in and day out. You could say it’s our forte. Our campaigns are completely custom and are set up to give you the most bang for your buck. Research begins with an all-inclusive list of highly relevant keywords and is targeted to your core audience through engaging text ads and geographical targeting. Learn more!

Done for you remarketing

Done for You Remarketing: What if we told you that you could get back those customers who left your website without purchasing or signing up for your email newsletter? Well, with our remarketing package you can! By coupling the ability to track your prospects after they leave your page with our talented in-house designer, our Remarketing ads will be guiding those lost customers down the right path in no time! Learn more!

Custom landing page design

Custom Landing Page Design: One of the most vital steps to getting conversions is having a great landing page design. Don’t scare away customers with a bad one! Our team has done the work for you by designing and testing hundreds of conversion-optimized landing pages. We can custom-build one for you too! Learn more!